Finding the fire within

It’s not who you are that holds you back, It’s who you think you are not. ~Hanoch McCarty

This week we are exploring our third Chakra in our subtle body. The third chakra or Manipura in sanskrit and to some known as our solar plexus, located behind the navel.

Manipura is represented by the element Fire and is the color yellow. Issues surrounding Manipura are energy, activity, autonomy, self esteem, will and power. As all the chakras work together the Manipura links the flow of energy to our heart or Anahata Chakra.

Moving Through our Chakras creating space and  beautiful balance of manifestation and liberation….

As we move in a just so way always keeping our focus toward center our fire. Imagine as the Muladahara Root Chakra creates a container that is solid but not restricting, our Svadhisthana energy flows like water through Manipura creating energy and power. The heat of the energy creates the fire that burns away all our old stories that we tell ourselves. The ones that limit us that hold us back. As the old stories burn away they make space for the flow of energy from Manipura to meet our heart or Anahata chakra where our courage lies in our vulnerability. Knowing that our possibilties are limitless as our life expands with our courage.

… week we visit Anahata Chakra

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