What We Embody We Become


Napolean Hill says that if you write down that one thing you truly want, visualize it, focus on it and everything you do is moving toward that one thing…It will happen! If you possess the intense burning desire for the one thing your body and mind will remember. This is that one thing that all ‘successful” people know and possess.

If you live in the constant state of “never enough” you will never live fully.  We fall into the trap of “if only I had more money”, “if only I was thinner” , etc.  Those thoughts continue you down the road of lack and emptiness. How you choose to quantify success and happiness is really up to you.  Many think money, notoriety, or having “enough” at the end of the day is success. If you put all your eggs in the “success” basket of enough do you ever fill it?

I am sure that answer is different for everyone.  That answer for me is a resounding NO! I have tried for years and that basket never stays full.  If anything it becomes increasingly empty as I keep pushing towards “enough”.

I think of the basket as abundance and as I fill it there is always plenty, as long as I stay in the circle and push away thoughts  of  “ never enough”.  My basket often fills to the brim and suddenly vanishes.  Not  always realizing what made it vanish. Now I see how it fills when I am in the circle and flowing, then it slowly slips away as I straddle the circle. Just on the edge. It is like straddling a fence, one foot in and one foot out. When things get hard and uncomfortable it is easy to step out of the circle back into the coziness of the old stories. I find myself in and out multiple times a day. I have to go back to that thought that the circle is a place where life flows easily and open with possibilities instead of obstacles. That I am welcome and can make the circle just as warm and cozy as my old stories.

The old stories are like threads woven together to make me, me. They have traveled many miles and kept me safe during rough times. I know my way around the stories. I know where the potholes and curves lie. If I continue to use these to navigate, I won’t get lost.

…or will I?  The one place they will not take me is to the inside of the circle. If I continue to navigate these roads in the same way I will never completely fill my basket.

The first step is to identify the stories that made up these threads. To do this, I had to stop and listen. Then the hardest step… be honest. Once I had done this I knew what the stories looked like. I had them in my sights. I then recycled them for new ones that would help me better navigate the road to the center of the circle. Taking and identifying, recycling and creating new stories was an “aha” moment for me. I know what they look like and I know where I want to go.

I realize that staying in the circle and experiencing the flow does not happen overnight. Even if I can get there once a day it is a step in the right direction. With practice I can stay there.

I am like a caterpillar wrapped tight in my cocoon of stories. When I let go I am able to break free of my cocoon and spread my wings like a beautiful butterfly experiencing the beauty and abundance around me.

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