2022 Year of the Tiger

2021 is leaving us like a Lion and 2022 is Welcoming us like a Tiger! We are entering the year of the Water Tiger. The Water Tiger is known for its power and boldness. The year of extremes and she is showing us how it is going to be out of the gate. Mother Earth is stepping in with a Winter Storm, so we are moving our Mala to Virtual. This way you can step straight from your first cup of coffee in the New Year to your yoga mat.
Registration is just a click away. The Zoom link will be sent to all who have pre-registered and anyone who registers after 9:00pm Dec. 31st will be sent a link approx. 1 hour before the Mala begins.
Go to http://www.thewheelyoga.com to register.
As we welcome the New Year we can choose how we are the change setting our path in a positive direction and moving into the element of water creating and embracing positive emotions. along with our hearts and minds we will continue the tradition just in a new way! We will be completing our Moving Meditation of 108 Sun Salutations, Separately and Together.
Join us!

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