Choose You!

img_0015Choose you! The holiday season is upon us and we all begin the journey through the stress of family, self and external contributors. This is where you must remain true to yourself and continue on your path of living authentically. You will be faced with a barrage of choices to be honest, to show up and be real, more so than usual. Remember that life is a series of small moments linked together. you are  only a moment away from making the choice to show up and be real, honest. The choice of you!

Life and yoga are a practice not perfection! Anticipate less, live more!

Breathe – A Meditation

A Meditation

Our body is shaped by our breath. The body is to our breath as the riverbank is to the flowing water.

Take a moment and let your breath fill your container. Pay attention to how it expands and contracts changing the shape of your container. Feel the flow of your breath -Inhale-Inspire-Exhale – Expire.

Winter is when our river (container) collects our burdens as they break off in the flow, collecting and cluttering our connection to self. Decreasing the flow of our breath that nourishes our container.

(maintain that inhalation and exhalation for the same count start with a count of 4)

By connecting to our breath – we can use it to clear the obstacles that keep us from flowing and reaching our intended destination.

As you explore your breath focus on keeping your container strong. Letting your inhalation seek your exhalation-pulling towards center.

Continue breathing visualizing the flow of water as it creates a liquid fluid movement just like the breath through your body

Our body is shaped by our breath just like the riverbanks from the flow of water within those banks.

Use your inhalation to inspire the connection and energy to clear those obstacles. The exhale or the expiration – find your rhythm.

Inhale letting your breath fill you – wrapping around your heart, empowering you to exhale or expire the exhalation. The Exhalation being the expiration of all the things that no longer serve you.

As you come to the end – complete with a silent OM. Exhale/Expire the breath all the way out and Inhale/Inspire bringing your breath to a fullness and OM.