It is not who you are….

It is not who you are that holds you back….it is who you think you are not. ~Hanoch McCarty

This week in class we explored Hanumanasana (Full Splits). One of my favorite asanas. There is so much emotion attributed to this pose and so many beautiful stories.
As I open into the full expression of Hanumanasana I can feel my heart growing as I envision the leap of faith across the ocean to the unknown that is waiting.

Think about the word Faith. Let it sit in your mind. Trust oneself, find your breath which will allow you to access  your heart. Look into your heart finding inner passions allowing  yourself to make that leap of faith and devotion to yourself.

When Hanuman is reminded of his strength, power and capabilities he becomes empowered and inspired, growing larger than life to accept the great challenges before him. Through our yoga practice we are reminded of our strength and passion as we connect our breath to movement. Taking the strength allowing you to have the faith to take the leap into the unknown and pull it into the known.

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