Choose You!

img_0015Choose you! The holiday season is upon us and we all begin the journey through the stress of family, self and external contributors. This is where you must remain true to yourself and continue on your path of living authentically. You will be faced with a barrage of choices to be honest, to show up and be real, more so than usual. Remember that life is a series of small moments linked together. you are  only a moment away from making the choice to show up and be real, honest. The choice of you!

Life and yoga are a practice not perfection! Anticipate less, live more!

Sunday Workshop

We have added Sunday Nov. 6th as a single day workshop to our Awakening Retreat. This is a Flow and Restorative workshop with exploration of the text Ramayana (Rama, Sita and Hanuman’s story)  woven into class.
When and Where:
The Elms Carriage House – Located across from Wabash BBQ
9a-2p – $60 -this includes breakfast
10a-2p- $50 without breakfast.

Please RSVP now to Heather~

You will be sent a link for payment and workshop details upon RSVP.


img_20161009_183248-1Working on the content for my upcoming “OMazing” Retreat at the Elms Hotel and Spa in Ex. Springs. Join me for a weekend of powerful inspiration, creation and support. Take time to weave in self care before the craziness of the season begins. We will explore the myth of the goddess and how she is woven into our daily lives and practice. There will be plenty of down time for self exploration, relaxation and massage. The asana practices are for all levels of practitioners. From just getting started to advanced.